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Spiritual, Cultural, Food


Our life mission is to tend to Mother Earth and all our relations towards healing &

regenerating our spirits and way of life

We need your help to acquire land for spiritual, cultural and food sovereignty

so we can secure our livelihoods and share regenerative living with others.

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Who we are

We are an inter tribal federation of organizations that is reclaiming ancestral ways so that others may learn how to receive Nature as teacher and healer.

We are a tax exempt 501(c)3 registered in the state of New York

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What we do


We provide First Nations Title Research and a Rematriation Deed if appropriate.

We hold title to land

to provide a protected space for people of color to gather and share cultural celebrations autonomously


We collaborate

on Indigenous land management projects from seed saving to market distribution of produce, native plants and herbal medicines


Every parcel of land we receive will be restored to its original natural design in harmony with human habitation if needed.

We offer a continuum of care for the land, the people engaged in caring for it, and those receiving the fruits of our labor

Community Stakeholders

Currently Hawk Mountain Earth Center manages urban medicinal forest gardens and mushroom cultivation projects in Newark and Mahwah New Jersey, where various community stakeholders participate as volunteers, students, and workshop participants, to receive hands-on experience and practice in regenerative land management, perennial food forest stewardship, and medicinal plant cultivation, harvest, and processing.

Members of the Ramapough Lenape Nations Turtle Clan operate the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm located in Sussex County NJ. Our healing farm community environment provides the opportunity to work the soil and heal the land symbiotically, while nurturing the whole person, mind, body and soul. Ceremony is an important regenerative farming practice to balance our food sovereignty equation.

Soil & Souls combines a worker-owned native and medicinal plant nursery with leadership training and community education in resilience. Our practices follow L'nu wisdom with an agrarian-based spiritual discipline to regenerate the human Soul with the soil. This land will serve as national headquarters as we train 300 resilience leaders to serve in their communities at home

Matriarch Circle

Michaeline Picaro Mann

Rev Dele

Lili Gomez

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